Splits, Cracks & Maintenance

We offer a choice of wood finish:

Osmo Oil

A natural oil & wax based product which soaks into the wood creating a weather resistant surface. Wash with warm soapy water & reapply Osmo Oil as necessary. For further information visit https://www.osmouk.com/

Danish Oil

A natural oil product which includes tong oil. It soaks in feeding the wood from inside & creating some water resistance. It is food & toy safe when dry. Products should be wiped clean using a warm soapy cloth, running tap water can be used. Always wipe dry and never soak in water. Reapply Danish oil or other mineral oils as required. 

Natural Finish

As it says, natural, nothing added. Left outside the wood will develop a silvery grey appearance & some warping may occur. Inside it will maintain it’s natural look for a long time but will dull down eventually. A light rub with sandpaper will give it a lift.

Most of our products are made using Oak which comes from Germany, Poland & the Czech Republic where there are large well managed Forests, all working within the Forest Stewardship Council certification system. For further information visit  https://www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk . Other wood we use, Beech, Idigbo, etc is also sourced from FSC certificated woodland.

We carefully select each piece of wood we use, however wood is a natural product and splits, cracks & movement can occur overtime. We hope you will recognise this as part of the unique quality of your item. Of course, like us the better you look after it the better shape it will stay in!